Eternal Ink Motor City Exhaust

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Play it cool with 1 Oz. Eternal Motor City Exhaust Tattoo Ink 1oz. Part of the Motor City Ink Set, inspired by the fast and furious elements of Detroit’s automotive industry, Motor City Exhaust is the counterpart to Smoke with a hint of blue.

Tattoos are Eternal, and so is this ink. Eternal Tattoo Ink is a top-of-the-line brand favored by artists specializing in all genres of tattoo artwork — from American traditional to realism to neo-traditional. Free of toxins and glycerol, Eternal Tattoo Ink is water-based and vegan-friendly. Although Eternal Tattoo Ink is manufactured in Michigan, it has garnered a reputation for its high quality throughout the world. Pre-dispersed, all of Eternal’s 145-plus hues boast a rapid flow rate and are completely prepped to go straight from the bottle to the skin.

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