Eternal Ink Lime Green

Size: 1 oz
Sale price$13.00


There is absolutely nothing bitter about Eternal Lime Green Tattoo Ink. Much like its namesake. Eternal Lime Green Tattoo Ink is reminiscent of this fruit’s peel — and is bursting with plenty of appeal. Pure. Cool. Green.

Tattoos are Eternal, and so is this ink. Eternal Tattoo Ink is a top-of-the-line brand favored by artists specializing in all genres of tattoo artwork — from American traditional to realism to neo-traditional. Free of toxins and glycerol, Eternal Tattoo Ink is water-based and vegan-friendly. Although Eternal Tattoo Ink is manufactured in Michigan, it has garnered a reputation for its high quality throughout the world. Pre-dispersed, all of Eternal’s 145-plus hues boast a rapid flow rate and are completely prepped to go straight from the bottle to the skin.

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