Dynamic Ganga Black Tattoo Ink 8 oz.

Sale price$40.00


entire career, creating the GANGA BLACK X DYNAMIC collab was a no-brainer. GANGA BLACK X DYNAMIC was built upon the back of our proprietary black ink that absorbs into the skin smoothly and heals impeccably with a bold and dark finish. GANGA BLACK x DYNAMIC maintains the cool tone with a more matte finish. Dynamic is thrilled to have developed a product that meets not only Ganga’s high standards but is also REACH-compliant, which is integral for an artist like Ganga who works throughout Europe and beyond. For the black and gray portrait work that has put Ganga on the map, GANGA BLACK x DYNAMIC is second to none. With GANGA BLACK x DYNAMIC, the artist can achieve smooth gradients of shading inspired by Ganga’s style of hyper-realism.

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