Dynamic Blue Tattoo Ink

Size: 4 oz
Sale price$30.00


The more, the merrier. We’re talking about 4 ounces of Dynamic’s classic blue that goes as deep as the seas. As comfortable as your favorite pair of denim, the rich, opaque hue will create artwork that jumps off the skin. When cut with our Dynamic Color Mixing White, artists will authentically capture designs ranging from picturesque blue skies to billowy, beckoning waves. Our true blue is formulated to flow from the needle to the skin with the ease of the ocean. Did we mention the healing process is sure to pack a rich blue punch?

PROS for the Professionals:

High-Grade Pre-Dispersed Inks: Manufactured in America, Dynamic Color is at the forefront of the industry, selling top-notch tattoo ink with the most impressive pigmentation across the board. Renowned for its smooth flow rate, our ink stands up for even the most intrinsic artwork.

Authentic & Safe: With so many fraudulent products out there, we have found a way to work around the imitators and the haters. All Dynamic Color inks are shipped in crystal clear PET bottles sporting the Dynamic logo made with anti-counterfeiting coating. We seal the deal — no, really — with heat seals to secure your product.

Made to Stand the Test of Time: All good things don’t come to an end, especially when we’re talking about tattoos created with Dynamic Ink. Our ink goes on smooth as silk, and that’s exactly where it stays. We guarantee that your clients will be satisfied by the longevity of their pieces and the seamless healing process. We’ve had skin in the game since 1990, and we’re here to stay. Just like the tattoos made with our ink.

Vibrant, Long-Lasting Color: A tattoo is only as good as the artist… and the ink from which it is made. With a palette that includes more than 30 dynamic colors, our inks can actually be mixed by artists to create their own signature blends. It goes without saying that the only limit with Dynamic Ink is the imagination.

100% Vegan-Friendly: The Dynamic Color line of offerings has zero animal products and absolutely no animal testing. We’re safe on the skin, awesome for the environment and harmless to your overall health.

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