Cheyenne Rotary Machine Hawk Tattoo Pen

Sale price$1,019.00


Prepare to soar with the Cheyenne Rotary Machine Hawk Tattoo Pen. When it comes to creating a high-quality, aesthetically amazing tattoo, the sky is the limit with the Hawk, the gold standard of pens. This ergonomic instrument produces low vibration and volume levels like a whisper. The dual-purpose Hawk is fitting for lining and shading. The lightweight pen seamlessly creates strokes from 3.5 mm and is equipped with a responsive mode for reactive hit and stitch frequency. To make the Hawk more versatile, it was designed with two different-sized grips — the small 22.0 mm/0.87 inch and the medium 25.4 mm/1.00 inch. Disposable grips for the Hawk are also available for purchase in three different sizes.

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