Radiant Colors Orient Ching Tattoo Ink 16 Color Set

Sale price$295.00


You'll be tripping all over the 16 Bottle Radiant Colors Orient Ching Tattoo Ink Set. Created with the passion and fervor of the great Orient Ching, this 16-color set drew upon two decades of knowledge and experience to perfect the works in Oriental and Japanese Tattoo Styles. The result is this collection that includes: Armor Gold, Bodhi Leaf, Chrysanthemum Purple, Dragon Green, Foodog Green, Fudo Mayo, Golden Moon, Hannya Blue, Oni Blue, Orange Koi, Oriental Blue, Oriental Pink, Oriental Red, Peony Red, Sunrise Red, and Tara Green. Comes complete with an elegant decorative case and a t-shirt.

Radiant Colors specializes in the art of tattooing. Working closely with renowned tattoo artists throughout the world enabled the company to launch an ink line utilizing the most current technology in the field. Radiant Colors is dedicated to creating sterilized, easy-to-apply, pure, uncut homogenized pigment. The homogenous fluid mix produces solid, long-lasting, bright colors. Radiant Colors is committed to delivering you, the customer, a product that makes the seamless transition from the artist’s mind to the client’s skin. In addition to offering a high-quality product, it’s rounded out with the best attention and service to every single purchase.

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